How to redirect 404 error page to Blogger homepage in 2021

How to redirect 404 error page to Blogger homepage in 2021? It's a very common problem for all newbie Blogger.

But It's very simple to slove this issue, We Write on this post every single step how to slove this issue!  you jus Read full article and follow all the step provide.

How to redirect 404 error page to Blogger homepage in 2021

Error 404 - Page Not Found! You should have seen this page while browsing the website or blog. What to do when you see this type of messages on your blog or website and do not redirect automatically to the Homepage.

Why comes this error 404 issues Blogger?

Why does it happen? This error occurs when someone tries to access your blog post link (URL) found on Google search or any other source that is not actually currently present on your blog website or may break.

Basically a 404 error occurs when a Link is brokered or a already published post deleted by you from your Blog website. The 404 error is common and is found in bolggs on almost all webpage.

You can see all 404 error pages in your webmaster tool crawl section. They have crawled bot in links, but they no longer exist. The reason is that you must have deleted that post or page or moved them to a new address.

ERROR 404 Page Effect on SEO

Basically ERROR 404 pages do not have a bad effect on a blog's SEO, the only thing they harm is the user's interpretation of your blog. By default Blogger displays a 404 error page.

But is not Redirect to Homepage, so you can either customize the ERRO 404 page by backing up the homepage button or search box, or you can redirect your error pages to the homepage using this methot.

What happened if error 404 not Redirect to Homepage?

In this case, when your visitors show a 404 error page in your blog, they will leave the page instead of going to the homepage and finding the desired content. To prevent losing your visitors and provide a good user experience you should redirect your 404 error to the page on your homepage.

Common causes of 404 error When someone tries to access Wabsite or blog's url, that doesn't really exist. For example, if you don't have a "" page and someone searches for it, they will see a 404 error - page not found.

Other common causes of a 404 error are the name or the name of the page url. Whenever you change your post or page your content is moved to the new url and the old url is removed from your blog.

But the old url is not removed from the google search engine database and social media or other sites, So when someone follows that link, they face an error 404 page not found.

This problem comeing when you delete your blog post which is allready ranked on Google search

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How to Slove this 404 Error problem

Don't worry, We will learn you every single step that you can follow the steps given below to redirect error 404 pages to the homepage. But before doing so, you should know what 404 error pages are, how they do it and how to deal with them.

    Follow this step to redirect 404 error pages in Blogger to homepage automaticaly

       STEP 1   

    Go to Blogger Dashboard click on settings and scroll down, Select Error and Redirects after that TAP on Custom 404. For your better understanding we will give some screenshots.


       STEP 2   

     Now Copy the JavaScript Code below and paste on above place showing in step 1.

    <br><br><b>You will be redirected to homepage shortly.</b>
    blogger_redirect = setTimeout(function() { location.pathname= "/" }, 2000);

       STEP 3   

    Click and Save! Your done, Now All ERROR 404 page automatically redirect to homepage.

    Note: The 2000 is time in the milestone after which the user will land on the 404 error page and be redirected to your blog homepage. You can change it as your wish.

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