Mysterious Jungle mode will be added on PUBG Mobile on 1st June 2020

Mysterious Jungle mode will be added on PUBG Mobile on 1st June 2020
New 'Mysterious Jungle' mode will be added on PUBG Mobile on 1st June 2020, teaser released 
PUBG Mobile is going to add a new mode called "Mysterious Jungle" on June 1 next month. We don't need to tell you that PUBG Mobile is a very popular mobile battle game. For this reason, game companies are introducing new modes through company updates to keep the game interesting. The PUBG mobile team teased this upcoming mode via a tweet on Wednesday. However, no specific information about the mode was found in this teaser. Earlier this month PUBG Mobile released Royal pass Season 13, bringing it two cartoon rangers called Ice Ranger and Fire Ranger. Mirama's map has been updated to 0.18.0 in the mobile game update.

The mysterious jungle mode teaser tweet on PUBG Mobile also has a picture that shows two players staring at a map of Sanhok. This suggests that the new Pubji mode will play on the Sanhaq map.

PUBG teased this mysterious jungle mode during the release of Season 13 of Mobile Royal Pass. It was then known as Jungle Adventure Mode. Perhaps in this mode you can see fog in hot air balloons to set enemy targets on the players map. Of course, this is just speculation right now. New key in mode and how it will play. For this we have to wait till June 2.

Note that the latest updated version PUBG Mobile Players 0.18.0, which has added a lot of new experiences to Mirama's map. New landscapes, residential areas, roads and resources have been added to the map. In addition to these a new car and new vending machine were also included in the map and one of the most interesting was the sand storm. In addition to these many other changes were made which you can read here.

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