How to promote website for free: 10 Best ways to free promotion

How to promote website for free: 10 Best ways to free promotion
Friends, you’re planning to start a blog. Then this post very helpful for your content widely distribution. I provide you today 10 mind-blowing tips How to promote your content. promotion is the key to keeping user a close eye on your beautifully composed words.
Why does it matter? Well, your blog may be your main endeavor, or part of it. Either way, blogging is a tool to build you expertise in a particular field, to drive more traffic to your website through SEO and to engage with your audience, among many other positive factors

If you are new to the world of blogging, go one step further and read through this complete guide on how to start a blog and then you can start writing your blog posts. While doing this note that if you want to stand out among the countless blogs that already exist, images and text are not enough nowadays.
Targeting your blog includes being active on social media and other advertising outlets, modifying your content to meet the needs of your audience, and learning the best SEO techniques.

  • Enable AMP Features on Blog Website
  • Add social sharing buttons
  • Be serious about your keyword research
  • Gain high quality backlinks
  • Optimize your meta tags on 
  • Use mixed media on content
  • Share with like-minded communities
  • Advertise on Google
  • Guest post write for other blogs
  • Use the power of other blogging source

1. Enable AMP features on Blog Website

The best way to point Google to information about your blog post publication is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page). AMP specifically makes blog pages lighter in storage size and makes your blog on your mobile site more readable on these tiny devices. It is also a determinant of Google's algorithm if you should create a publication on their site list to search for specific mobile search results features, such as carousels. Like the schema, it is also easy to enable AMP on your blog from within the dashboard of your WordPress dashboard through blog settings.

2. Add Social Sharing Button

Here's a hack that allows your current readers to promote you: Make it as easy as possible for them to share your content online on social media. And since social media is where most Internet users spend their free time, like facebook. you might want to give your current blog visitors the ability to easily repost your content to their own news feed.This is as easy as adding a social share button to your post. And in some cases, it is already taken care of for you. For blog using the Blogger and WordPress Blog product, social sharing buttons are automatically embedded at the bottom of each post - so, you can turn this promotional strategy off before writing a post.

3. Be serious about keyword research

SEO is the process of getting your content to Google. To do this, you want to create a custom SEO plan. As a first step, try to rank high for specific keywords or short phrases that are frequently searched by your targeted Internet users. For example, "Entrepreneur Blog" or "Moroccan Pulses Stew Recipe".Do your keyword research to find out which phrase is best for you. Here are some key research tools for keywords that I recommend. Once you've decided which phrases to use, sprinkle them in your content from the text in your paragraph to your title, description, and more - then we'll point you to a few of the following tips. Remember that this is one step in following your personalized SEO plan.

4. Gain High quality backlinks

Connects users directly to your site from external online sources. This is an excellent way to increase the SEO of your site, as search engines make your site more relevant if reputable sources care about your content. To get started, here are some strategies to help you do guest blogging, such as submitting your site's URLs to directories, and more.

Read More,  How to Create a High quality Backlink for Blog or Website

5. Optimize Your Meta Tag

When we refer to the meta and title tags for your blog, it includes the blog's description, title, and URL as a whole, and within each page, or blog post. This is what will appear in the search engine results for your blog publication.

To optimize these components, use your keyword research. This is the top place to focus on applying those short phrases. Do this by including your number one keyword choice in the title, description, and URL. You can customize your meta tags directly from your Blogger and WordPress site dashboard and from within each individual blog post.

6. Use mixed media on Content

To talk about different creative outlets, you don’t just have to type words in this digital age. The combination of multiple sources of your talent. media can help you promote your blog across platforms, reaching out to a variety of interested people. Also, different visitors prefer to swallow their content in different ways throughout the day. For example, some people may prefer podcasts when they come to work, some may be more spectacular and may be better connected to slideshows of photos, and others may prefer video content. So write a article with combination of images, Videos and Yours Words.

7. Share Content with like-minded Social communities

Facebook groups, forums and LinkedIn groups are great places to reach specific audiences who are interested in a particular topic. When you find a community that is relevant to you, you will have more opportunities to target quality readers and ensure that you are not spamming anyone. If you choose this route, post small amounts, engage with other people's posts, and make sure that your shared content provides value with a personalized approach to promoting your post. You want to be someone who always posts in groups without a clear purpose because it will devalue your work.

8. Advertise on Google

Search engine marketing is not free, but if you are willing to spend some money your money can go a lot in further. Google ads are the most popular way to advance this blog promotion strategy. It is an online advertising platform where users pay to share their content in a large pool of potential site visitors to the Google ad network. More than 90% of internet users can reach here, so you don't want to miss this opportunity. In it, you'll be able to target the people you're targeting with specific criteria: location, population image, keywords, etc.

9. Guest post write for Other Blogs

You can gain access to a large number of potential blog subscribers by published to your content outside of your own publications. Guest blogging is the process of writing blog posts for external publications in hopes of tapping into popular websites and industry markets.

Start your research on publications that are acceptable to guest bloggers on your roof. In addition, consider writing for more widely available and accepted wider publications from guest bloggers such as BuzzFeed, Freelance Writing and BigCommerce.

If your stories appear on the pages of this publication, this can result in either a backlink (link on your blog) or an opportunity to leave a brief bio at the end of your post after talking about your blog. Either way, you are enjoying some kind of promotion.

10. Use the power of other blogging sources or platform

Another place to find your community and bring traffic to your blog is through content and information-focused sites like Reddit and Quora. Threads between these platforms offer interactive and casual formats, not additional promotional opportunities to share your blog posts. For best results, try to link your posts to posts from other media sources that you trust, so that not all of your content strictly advertises itself.

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