How To Add Floating banner Ads on Blogger Website in Footer section

How To Add Floating banner Ads on Blogger Website in Footer section
Banner ads on footer
Have you ever seen a banner ads on website footer? Most of popular Website having this features. Today we will learn how to create floating banner ads on footer our blogger Website. When someone visit our blog website, a banner ads will appear immediately at the foot of website and continue to follow current ads distribution. There is a option for close or exit if user you have to finish the ads those who do not want ads.

A blogger Website that can be visited by potential visitors every day and read content on your website. You have the power of  clicking ads to maximus your. revenue. The footprints of this post can increase ads revenue from blogging. How to create I banner ads on my blogger Website easily? You can do it also on your blog it's very simple. No need to edit the Blogger template. You Interested in trying it out?

How To Add Floating banner Ads On Website Footer

  • Log in to your blogger account
  • Click on Layout and add gadget
  • Select HTML / JavaScript
  • Enter the following HTML code

Now Click on Save 

You can customize it to suit the size of banner and advertising code, code you can replace. Once installed, Banner ads will appear at the footer of the blog website
Don't worry, this ad is not a nearby or exit option therefore disturbing User.

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