PUBG Mobile Version 1.0 finally arrives in 8 September 2020 with a revamped experience

PUBG Mobile Version 1.0 finally arrives in 8 September 2020 with a revamped experience
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PUBG Mobile was first released on Android in 2018, and over the past two years, the game has seen many updates and improvements, but so far it has not reached the 1.0 version. No, all of this will change on September 8. PUBG Corporation recently announced that more improvements will come with the update of version 1.0 this September. This is how the game will provide a good eSports experience. You see, the PubG Mobile World League and World Championship will be merged this November into a single event called the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (nothing confusing about that), which will provide a $ 2 million prize pool.

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PUBG Corporation has been kind enough to include a picture describing a few expected changes whenever there is a 1.0 change this year. As you can see, the studio wants better performance and smaller input size.

In addition to what has been shown in the picture above, there will also be future developments of characters and situations, with realistic effects of shooting into the mix as well. Actions such as spraying, throwing, and spraying will also be improved, and the game's lighting system and texture features also get exaggerated. It looks like the UI is getting the job done again. Sadly PUBG Corporation has nothing to show even though it was announced today. He is particularly focused on eSports, which means that major changes to PUBG Mobile are taking the backseat to announce the PMGC Season Zero, which will not start until November. Hell, it is not yet known if the audience will be able to attend any of these scheduled PMGC events, thanks to COVID, but obviously, there is money to be made in promoting your eSport events, so this is an indication of PUBG Corp. with update to v1.0.

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While it's good to hear that PUBG Mobile should work better with hope in the device range soon, the current focus on eSports will not make for exciting news. Last look, the game was still full of chefs and bots. While I hope that planned improvements alleviate some of these long-term problems, I still find it hard to get gifts for an event that is fully owned by eSports that is fully available to make the engineer more profitable. Maybe if PUBG Corporation had focused more on creating a quality game from the start, it wouldn’t have needed to add a title to be ready to play competitively? Just a thought.

So there you have it. PUBG Mobile version 1.0 is due to arrive on September 8, and the PMGC Season Zero will launch sometime in late November. If you would like to prepare for the upcoming tournament with its $ 2M pool, you can grab the latest version of PUBG Mobile with the Google Play Store widget below

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PUBG MOBILE Nordic Map: Livik
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