How to Add Live Cricket Score Widgets in Blogger: Here's the best Ways to Add ICC World Cup, IPL Cricket 2021

Live Cricket Score Widgets are compact applications for any HTML website or Blogger website that you can put a single javascript code and Show all Cricket live scores on your Blogger website.


The Live Cricket Score Widgets are update regularly, so your Blog visitor can be up to date with most recent cricket news, live match, upcoming match and all cricket news.

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How to Add Cricket Live Score on Blogger 2020

If Are you looking for a free live cricket score widget for your website or blog. Then you are in the right place.

How to Add Live Cricket score widgets in blogger? On this Article We will give you a simple Step–by–step guide to installing fast and easy to embed live cricket score widget for your website. It is an iFrame live score widget which will fits in any kind of website in these days.

How to Add Live Cricket scores Widgets in Blogger

If you wish to up to date live scores of cricket world cup, Indian premier league 2020 (IPL) to your Blog visitor, then follow the steps given below and Install this cool features on your website.

  Step #1   Go to and login into your Google account.

  Step #2   Click on Layout and select Add a Gadget option and select HTML/Javascript from the list of gadgets.

How to Add Live Cricket Score Widgets in Blogger

  Step #3   copy the JavaScript code given below for the desired widget and paste it.

<iframe src="" style="width:100%;min-height: 450px;" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes"></iframe>

Live cricket score widget settings

  Step #4   Now click on Save button to save the agreement. Wow! Your Done...

You are successfully installed the Live cricket score widget on your Blogger website.

Live cricket score widget will be displayed on the desired place in your blog as you choose.

The display of widget in your blog will be like the below picture.

Live cricket score widget demo

Now your Blog reader Enjoy watching Cricket world cup, Indian premier league 2021 (IPL) live score, Upcoming match information updates on your webpage directly. 

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