Reliance Jio Wrong Recharge: Here's the full process How to Reversal Jio Recharge Online, SMS [A step-by-step Guide]

Have you done Recharge on Jio wrong Mobile number by mistake? and you want to get back the amount on your Jio POS Plus Wallet? Then you are at right place. Here we are going to learn you how to Reverse Jio wrong Recharge amount in your Jio POS plus wallet within few minutes.


As we know If you have done a wrong recharge through PhonePe, paytm, mobikwik or even Jio's official website then you should forget the refund process because in that case, you can't get money refund in any way.

but If you have made the recharge using Jio POS Plus app then you can get money back in your wallet easily.

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how to reverse Jio wrong Recharge

So, if you follow our all step by step guide you can get money back.

The name of the whole process is – “Jio Wrong Recharge Reversal” and this process will work only if you have done recharge using Jio POS Plus app.

If you have made the Recharge in wrong jio number Using Jio POS Plus app then you can get back the amount in your Jio POS wallet easily.

If you have done wrong recharge through Paytm, FreeCharge, mobikwik or any other apps, website then you forget the refund process because in that case, you can’t get your money refund.{alert-success}

What Requirements for Jio Wrong Recharge Reversal

How to Jio Wrong Recharge Reversal

Now, we are going to learn you a step-by-step process to get the wrong mobile recharge amount back in your Jio POS Plus wallet.

 Step 1.  Open Jio POS Plus App & Login Jio with your Username and Password.

 Step 2.  Click on Menu, Select Jio Other Sales Tap on Recharge Reversal (See on Photo)

How to Reverse Reliance Jio Wrong Recharge (Step By Step Guide)

 Step 3.  After click on Recharge Reversal, you will see a form like below. (See photo)

How to Reverse Reliance Jio Wrong Recharge (Step By Step Guide)

 Step 4.  Enter Wrong recharge details
  • Order reference number (ORN) or transaction ID
  • Customer mobile number or customer ID

 Step 5.   Now click on submit button & Wait for few seconds, a new screen will open.

  • Now, you will see a table with your order no, mobile number, amount, reason, date of recharge and status.

 Step 6.  Next, Click on the select box under the "Reason" column and Select reasons of reversal like — Wrong Amount, Wrong Number. 

Step 7  Next Click on "Send OTP" 

After click Send OTP An OTP will be sent to customer’s mobile number where wrong recharge already done. Ask customer to share OTP.

 Step 8.  Now Enter the OTP and tap on "Submit" button.

Done! Wrong Recharge Reversal request will registered & you will get your reverse transaction ID Via SMS.

That’s All! You will now get the Amount credited back in your Jio POS Plus wallet within few minutes, some case it take upto 24 hours.

Reliance Jio Wrong Recharge Reversal by SMS

Retailer Also submit wrong Recharge report by Simple SMS, for do that You need to send an SMS from wrongly recharged mobile number to Server Number 7021010099.

JIOREV<space>ORN<space>AMOUNT<space>Mobile No

e.g-  JIOREV BR00062IS2FB 599 863XXX9870

You need to send the SMS within two hours of wrong recharge done. The SMS request need to be send after 30 minutes so that the recharge is updated in the data base.


We have shared in this article every single detail about Jio wrong recharge reversal process and how to get the money back for wrong mobile recharge.

Hope this article will help all Jio Retailers in correcting your mistake.

Jio Wrong recharge reversal is a simple process, follow above instruction and you will get the confirmation within few hours.

If you face any kind of issue's! then put a comment to comment box below. We will reply back as soon as possible.


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