Pubg Unban in India - So now Reliance Jio will bring PUBG in India?

Pubg Unban in India - So now Reliance Jio will bring PUBG in India?

All you know that South Korean company making PUBG games, now after PUBG game Ban in India they are try to partner with India's gaming firm.  For this, negotiations are going on with Reliance Jio.

Pubg Unban in India: A good news is coming for PUBG lovers. This popular game PUBG Mobile may return to the country India. South Korean company making PUBG game (PUBG Mobile Lite) can partner with India's gaming firm. PUBG Corporation is in talks with Reliance Jio for partnership in India.

PUBG Corporation is a subsidiary of Bluehole Games, a South Korean company. Hindustan Times quoted Mint report saying that PUBG Corporation is exploring possibilities for partnership with the Indian gaming company to resume operations in India.

There are reports that Reliance Jio can get PUBG license in India. Reports said that the South Korean company has discussed revenue share and localization with Reliance Jio. 

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Earlier, India's largest telecom service provider Reliance Jio and makers  PUBG Lite Games, joined hands to give users a better gameing experience. Under this partnership, Jio users who registered for PUBG Lite were given exclusive rewards. It is believed that PUBG is now trying to make this partnership permanent.

Reports said that the ongoing conversation between Jio and PUBG is still at an early stage. The two sides are considering various aspects of this partnership to work together. Currently, Reliance Jio or PUBG Corporation have not given any official statement regarding this matter.

The central government banned 118 Chinese apps, including PUBG Mobile, on 2 September citing national security. After this, PUBG Corporation of South Korea had announced to take full responsibility of operation of PUBG Mobile in India from Tencent Games of China. Now the company is looking for an Indian partner. Industry experts say that there are very few firms in India that can run big games like PUBG.


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