DigiPay - How to Download version 4.3 of DigiPay for Android and Windows

DIGIPAY facilitates disbursement of government entitlements like— NREGA, Social security pension, Handicapped, Old Age Pension etc of any Central or State Government institution/entity, using Aadhaar authentication service of UIDAI.

The DIGIPAY system based on demographic and biometric/iris information of an individual, which reduces the threat of any fraud or non-genuine activity. Aadhaar facilitate anytime, anywhere, anyhow authentication for the citizen/customer. This service is currently working on windows and Android based Laptop, Desktop and smartphone.

What is Digipay?

DIGIPAY is the smart, safe choice for business with easier payment gateway– in India

Digipay - How to Download version 4.3 of DigiPay for Android and Windows

CSC in collaboration with National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) and IndusInd Bank has launched Aadhaar Enabled payment System (AePS) at all CSC locations across the country that will facilitate 'anytime, anywhere’ authentication to its beneficiary.

The DIGIPAY application focus to achieve inter-operability between banks for Aadhaar based payment transactions that enable CSCs to cater the need of financial services in far flung and banking deprived areas of the country.

How to Download Digipay

The latest version of Digipay is available for installation along with the RD services required for transacting on multiple devices. RD services are also available on the Android playstore for using Digipay on your Smartphone.

Digipay Version 4.3 for Windows can't functional without the help of some extra file. You need to download some Dependency file. Here we provide Download link of Dependency file.

Download Dependency file

We Give information on Digipay latest Version Download for Windows and Android devices along with depending files for windows.


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