PUBG Update 9.2 - Now Live! Recently Arrived on Live Servers

PUBG Update 9.2 Recently Arrived on Live Servers and bring to Battlegrounds a new vehicle Dirt bike combat scenes, a long-requested feature, character-based passes, and more!

PUBG Update 9.2 - Now Live! Recently Arrived on Live Servers
Navigate the scene on the brand new Dirt Bike, one of the fastest and most responsive sedan motorcycles now coming from all combat areas, except Karakin. Dirt Bike is a great way to escape fast, to travel fast to a safe place, and you know, to investigate and more. Obviously.

Also starting this episode is the new Driver Shooting performance, which allows the motorist to take part in a combat battle. Take the sidearm and let go of the old street rage. We apologize in advance for the seriousness of this matter which makes your team driver already suspicious.

A brand new world is now available PUBG, featuring Sadiya from Karakin's comedy and moving comedy. This passing equivalent to the bite has 15 levels, each opening a piece of the Sadiya icon look. Take a new pass today and connect with the War Writer himself!

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There is much more to look at in PUBG Update 9.2, including bug fixes and side weapon fixes. For full details, be sure to check the patch notes 9.2. In the meantime, get into all the new patch PUBG offer on update 9.2.


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