Blogging Niche Ideas 2021 - Here's the list of Most Profitable Blogging Niche for Start a Blog in 2021

Hey Blogger! Want to start a blog in 2021, but can't decide which niche better for blogging in 2021. Today In This Article we will provide you 10+ Best Profitable Blogging Niche Ideas 2021 with  less Competition.

The best blogging niche ideas for 2021

I will give you a Step by Step Guide to Choose Most Profitable Blogging Niche Ideas 2021.

Starting a Blog in 2021 is indeed a good idea but not all blogs have the potential to make money. It is absolutely true that some niche blog ideas have higher earning potential than others.

So to find out the Most profitable blogging niche for you, it’s necessary to understand all the below points in details. With this blog niche list, I will help you identify some less competition Blog niches 2021, which will make money online fast.

So, let's start with one by one...

What is Blogging Niche

A blogging niche is an intelligently selected area or topic that will center around the content of your blog. A blogging niche clearly indicates to readers what your blog will cover.

It would not be a good idea to start a blog and write about different things every day. One day you write about finance, the other day you write about upbringing and the next day you write about cooking.

So this is how you can imagine how your audience will know about your blog. There is a good chance that viewers will lose interest because they are not sure if they will get what they want.

Therefore, when you are starting a blog, it is always a great idea to choose a topic or niche for your blog.

Blogging Niche must be popular and profitable at the same time.

Most bloggers turn their passion into the niche or subject of their blog and this is not at all wrong. But you should do your research first to confirm the feasibility of the topic you choose.

The blogging niche you choose is definitely popular and has the potential to monetize.

Could be blogging more profitable by 2021?

Before starting a blog, every newcomer has a burning question, Could be blogging more profitable by 2021?

My answer is undoubtedly a big YES.

Blogging is gaining popularity every day as a way to make money. This is due to the increasing use of the internet and more and more people are getting it online.

When you create good content, apply the right principles and strategies, which will enable you to make a lot of money through blogging.

Blogging is like any other business or a Jobs. But the good part is that you don't have to go anywhere, you can do business online from home with just a laptop or internet connection.

Isn't that great? Also there's not limit to earning, your blogs can earn unlimited money.

But keep in mind that even after choosing a great niche on the blog it is still a highly competitive field and requires a lot of dedicated effort, perseverance and patience to create it.

There are many small bloggers with very little traffic who come frequently. 2-gers can do 3 per month. So if you keep trying, you can make money through blogging.

It will always be better if you do micro niche blogging, it will increase your chances of making more money.

How to choose a profitable blogging niche in 2021?

At first, it seems very difficult to choose a profitable niche. But with proper research, you will find the one that works best for you.

There is a lot of controversy around choosing a niche for your blog though. Some people believe that you should start a blog that you are passionate about.

But choosing a blogging niche based on emotion does not guarantee that it will be profitable.

You can consider the following factors when deciding on a blogging niche:

Know your interests first

Designing & Creating your first blog post and starting writing feels very exciting. But if you do not choose your blogging niche without your interest in the unknown subject, you will soon lose interest.

While blogging is a full-time job while earning money, you should be interested in blogging niche.

Research about your blogging niche

Now, once you've decided on your interest-based blogging niche, it's time to do some research on that niche.

Blogging niches should be popular and profitable enough as well.

There are different ways to search for discoveries about the subject. You can use Google Trends for blogging for niche research. Review its discovery and continuity in the past. You can widen your niche a lot, allowing you to reach a profitable sub-niche.

If it is too wide, drop your niche down, you will reach a small niche and not face too much competition.

Explore the methods of monetization

To ensure that when you are thinking of starting a blog you need to monetize your blog (excluding hobby bloggers).

Make sure you have a few monetization methods in your blogging niche. If you have research related to your blogging niche before advertisers, approved programs, sponsorship prospects, etc., you will be able to monetize your blog and make money.

Blogging Niche Idea's 2021

After too many researching and analyzing the blogging competition, I am giving you some best blogging niche ideas 2021 a list, where you can set up your blog for Drive a Lots Of Traffic and Earning.

So, here I go let's check the Niche…

Health and Fitness

Health and fitness

As the population grew by the minute, this niche became more popular and more and more people became sick and sick.

If you plan to start a health & fitness blog, keep in mind that Google takes knowledge in health niche blogs very seriously with its audience. It should be authentic and clear in its recommendations and solutions.

Health and fitness remain very high demand blog topics. It’s a pretty broad way to define the Niche, which includes diet, nutrition, exercise routines, fitness equipment, and many more things within this Niche.

Recipes and Cooking

Recipes and Cooking blogs

People all over the world love to eat. You can attract a huge audience with your cooking and recipe blogs in 2021. If you are interested in cooking and you have some great recipes, you can start a Recipe and Cooking blogs.

Also, you can share cooking tips, healthy diet etc. You don't need to be a certified or professional cook to start this cooking and recipes blog.

There are many keywords in this niche like boy diet, weight loss recipes, people looking for Indian dishes, Chinese recipes etc. Depending on their interests, they may choose to start a blog.

Beauty and Fashion

Beauty and fashion

This is a place where everyone is particularly interested. If you have good fashion knowledge, you can start a blog in this Blogging niche.

Beauty and fashion is one of the best niches 2021. It is an evergreen house and will definitely make you rich.

Everyone wants to dress according to new and new trends and is looking for advice and suggestions for them.

This particular blog room may contain various sub-dances like skincare, fashion trends, grooming, beauty products and fashion accessories.

Write valuable and compelling content for your blog. Share your knowledge and approach to fashion trends.

Fashion and beauty blogs are primarily monetized with approved products.

There are a variety of approved products that you can associate with your beauty and fashion blog clothing, accessories, shoes, beauty products, cosmetics, jewelry and more.

Personal Finance

People may be good at making money but not at the right time and at the right time to invest their money.

Everyone wants good expectations for their investment and for the direction of similar information and advice.

If you are good at finance, stock market, investing, forex trading, etc., then you should start a finance blog.

Your knowledge and experience in this niche can make you rich.

Monetization method for personal finance blogging – Sponsored Posts, Advertising, Authorized Products and Services, Personal Products and Services.

Earn Money Online

Make money online

Nowadays, everyone wants to Earn money Online. This is one of the most searched words on the internet.

This is why it is one of the trending blogging niches of the time.

With the increasing use of the Internet, individuals and businesses have a lot of potential to make money online.

This niche cover– Blogging, search engine optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, affiliate marketing, how to start an e-commerce business, how to run facebook advertising and much more are some of the topics covered in this particular niche.

So there can be many subsystems to choose from to start a blog.

You can choose any blogging niche you are interested in and teaching people about above related topics.

DIY and Crafting

DIY and Crafting

DIY and crafting is another popular blogging niche for 2021. It is one of the most searched blogging niches on Pinterest. The main percentage of the target audience in this blogging niche is women.

This niche is basically for those who are looking for DIY things that they will create on their own such as home and garden decoration, craft art and ideas for children, etc.

If you good are creative, your DIY blog can help you by providing some valuable information if you are creative and have ideas on DIY.

There are several sub-features you can choose from:

  •    Children crafts
  •    stitch
  •    home decor
  •    garden
  •    Woodworking etc.


Technology blogging niche ideas

Technology now days made our lives easy and very comfortable. This blog niche is growing everyday. The technology blog is s huge attraction for tech lovers.

Tech lovers wanted to get up to date information on the latest tech and gadgets. Due to this, the technology blogging niche has a high volume of audience. Also, there can be various sub-niches like Gaming Technology, Mobile Technology, Hi-Fi Tech Gadgets, AI, VR, etc.

A Technology blogs contain Tech News, Gadget Reviews, Mobile Review, How to use a Laptop, etc.

Technology as a blogging niche can be very fascinating if you are really passionate about it.

If you’re a tech lover and want to share your knowledge with others about technology, then you can start a technology blog in 2021.

Gift Ideas

Gift ideas blog

Here in this blog niche, you are solving people’s biggest problems that are limited to just a few gift ideas, you know on any occasion, the most common gifts people send are mugs, photo frames and bouquets. 

Simply put, we have no choice.

So, if you have ideas for some amazing gifts, why not share them with your audience? You can sell your own gift products on your blog, you can do authorized marketing with Amazon products.

I can say that this blog will be one of the best and creative niche to start your blogging career in 2021.

Home Decoration

Home Decoration

If you are passionate about arts and crafts, then you should try this niche ideas for your blog, because it is all about crafts, decoration,

Nowadays people accept their decorations very easily, especially women, as internet is also entering the rural world, users are showing their interest in finding results related to decorative ideas if you have creativity and passion.

You can be a blogger of home decoration. You can help them get an idea through which they can decorate their homes with clever things and spread positive vibes.

In addition, you can classify ideas related to decorations including bedroom, kitchen, birthday decoration ideas, western materials according to specific native ideas.


Clearly the blogging niches mentioned in “Best Profitable Blogging Niche Ideas 2021 for Blog Beginnings” will be profitable with a huge audience and will not disappoint you. Of course you need to try properly.

The success of your blog depends on how you enjoy and satisfy your audience rather than the success of others.

Tell me in the comments section what you think about this article.

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