FAU-G Made in India Game received more than 40 lakh pre-registrations before the launche, 26 January

There are only a two days left to launch FAU-G Mobile Game in India. This Made in India game, made for mobile device, FAU-G Mobile game will launch in India on January 26, 2021. However, before the launch of this game, the game is getting a good response from game lover.

FAU-G Made in India Game

The FAU-G game, seen as an alternative to PUBG mobile, received more than 4 million pre-registrations on Google Play before its launch.

The developer of nCore Games has given information about this. Let us know that the pre-registration of this game started at the end of November.

The FAU-G was launched in India last year, but after a delay in its launch date declared, it will be launched in India on 26 January 2021 (Republic Day). FAU-G pre-registration was initially introduced for high-end and mid-range Android devices.

However, nCore Games, which developed the game, said it would adjust the game to lower-end devices in the future. But When FAU-G launches on 26 January 2021, it could be brought to iPhone and iPad users also.

Vishal Gondal, co-founder and chairman of nCore Games, which is developing the FAU-G game, told IGN, FAU-G has so far received over 40 lakh pre-registrations. We have not yet included low end devices.

We expect this figure to cross the 50 lakh mark before the launch of the game. I don't think any other game in India has received such a good response yet.

FAU-G had achieved over 10 lakh pre-registrations in the first 24 hours of pre-registration on the Google Play store. However, after this the company took a month and a half to cross the 40 lakh mark.

FAU-G is an online multiplayer game focused on the Galway Valley, where Chinese and Indian forces fought last year. The game is expected to arrive on January 26 for the iPhone and iPad models with Android devices.

Although its pre-registration are currently limited to Google Play, it did not appear in the App Store.

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