How to add email subscription on Blogger website? (FeedBurner Alternative)

Friends, Are you looking for a free alternative to Feedburner? Then try email subscription service! Stay in touch with your loyal blog readers.


We all get a announcement from FeedBurner has will no longer support email subscriptions as of July 2021 in blogger. As FeedBurner powers Blogger's FollowByEmail gadget now will also stop working. 

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Add the email subscription on Blogger

FeedBurner is a free Google service that let you customize your RSS feeds. It currently also provides feed analytics and - notably - has an RSS to Email service, emailing new posts in your feed to your subscribers. 

FeedBurner was founded in 2004 and acquired by Google in 2007, almost 14 years ago. The Blogger FollowByEmail gadget was launched in 2011. That means many bloggers have a blog email list that is decade old. 

Some of you are reading this post in an email subscription alternative for your Blogger Website! I just figured out an alternative email platform which name and it's totally free and save.

We all know that Email subscription is an excellent source of traffic because it is sustainable. Loyal readers will keep visiting our blogs regardless of Google's ranking. So, replacing FollowByEmail gadget is a big priority By using, we can help our subscribers to be notified whenever we publish a new post, thus they'll revisit our websites.

So, Read this tutorial for a brief overview and how to add or embed email Subscription on our Blogger Website.

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What is

The tool notifies automatically your followers when you publish a new post in your blog. This way, they get alerted about your new articles, click on the notification, and come back to your site easily.

The process is fully automatic (unlike a regular newsletter), so you don’t have any hassle: just keep focusing on producing great content, and will make sure people come back. 

While the newsletter feature is the most heavily used aspect of, the tool can do much more. For example, go to Pixelnatures’s feed on and click on “Follow”.

You’ll see that followers have many more options than just subscribing to a newsletter.

How to add email follow option on your site

So how can you get started, and allow your visitors to follow you? 

One option would be to go to’s value proposition screen, enter your website URL there, and follow the steps. 

Friends, If you’re using a WordPress site, I will suggest to use a plugin to add the email subscription service to your site. However, you don’t have to use a plugin or used Blogger platform– just follow this tutorial to build and design the email subscription form to your needs...

I have divided this tutorial in two part, in frist part we will create email subscription form using

So, let's start the toturial....

Visit website by clicking here and create a free account on taping sign-up button from right corner.

Next, you need to add your website to generate feeds url for the email subscription form.

Now build and design the email subscription form to your needs. Please note that you can always modify the form anytime, later on.

Click on “Continue” to get to the next screen which shows you the code to place on your website:

Once you done embed the code, click on “Done!” and you’ll be directed to a screen which allows you to select from follow-icons which you can place on your website too but it optional.

Now, if you want to know more how to embed the code in blogger websites read below tutorial...

How to embed the follow form on my Blogger/Blogspot site?

If you use a Blogger/Blogspot website, first place the follow form by following these steps:

  1. Set up your feed on by entering your website URL on the feed set-up page 
  2. Click on “Continue” until you reach the page where you can define the design for your follow form 
  3. Once done, click on “Continue” and copy the follow form code by clicking on the green “copy”-link 
  4. Go to your Blogger-admin area and click on “Layout”. On the next screen, click on "HTML/Javascript", and then on "Add a gadget".
  5. This will create a new gadget, which looks like this, where you can paste the codes:
    How to add the email subscription on Blogger website

  6. After you pasted the codes, click on "Save". Done! Now you should have a beautiful email subscription form on your Blogger site so that people can easily subscribe your blogs!

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Friends, if you are planning to change the email subscription widgets in blogger then this is the most ideal platform to choose.

If you have any questions about embed please ask me in comment.

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