How to find your PhonePe QR Code, Receive and Send Money

PhonePe India’s most popular QR Code based payment apps is based on BHIM UPI to Receive and send money to bank account. the app provides cashless payments in a safe and secure environment.

Here in this post you will know more about How to find your PhonePe QR code to accept payment from other PhonePe user and How to scan QR code to make payment at any Shop who accepts QR code payment. So, this post is help you to find your QR code, Send and receive money, if you a new user of PhonePe.


We all know today's use of QR Codes  everywhere, is not unusual. From functional use cases to promotional, purposes, QR Codes are being used everywhere. And among them, payments is one of the sectors, which uses QR Codes most widely.

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How to find your PhonePe QR Code

Making payments by using QR Codes is not an uncommon site today. It is quick, easy, and very secure system.

In current market situation, From your local grocery shop to big brands in the market—all accept QR Code based payments. And you make such payment by using payment apps such as PhonePe.

As you know PhonePe, one of India’s most popular QR Code based payment apps is based on BHIM UPI. Just like Paytm QR Code payments, the app provides cashless payments in a safe and secure environment. And offers multiple ways to transfer a payment.

Keep reading to know all about PhonePe QR Code payments apps.

What is PhonePe

PhonePe is an India-based, all-in-one digital wallet that could be linked to a single debit/credit card or bank account to be used for every online need. This UPI-based platform ensures that every transaction is safe from cybercriminals, making their users' financial details secured.

The process of PhonePe app is quick and safe since a single POS is linked only to a single merchant.

30 Crore Indians make their payment with PhonePe. It's 100% safe & secure. You can easily Download the PhonePe Application to your smartphone from Google Play Store.

Features of PhonePe QR code apps

PhonePe has an very easy user interface. There is no requirement of login when you open this app. You may directly reach into the home page and access the required option.

Besides it, you can see all the required popular fields on the home page. Like— Mobile Recharge, DTH, Electricity, Credit Card, Postpaid, Landline, Broadband, Gas Insurance, loan repayment and much more. Hence, It needs few taps for the doing payment from your bank account.

How to find your PhonePe QR Code

PhonePe QR Code helps you send and receive money in your PhonePay account. For this, you obviously need the PhonePay app installed in your phone.

To find your PhonePe QR Code, here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Log in to your PhonePe account using your registered mobile number and four digit password.

2. Once logged in, click on the top profile icon on the left hand side in Android.

How to find your PhonePe QR Code

3. Now You will see a list of available options. From this list, tap in ‘My QR Code’ to View your PhonePe QR code.

How to find your PhonePe QR Code

4. You can now see your PhonePe QR Code. It has the PhonePe logo in the centre. Besides, you will see QR Code details such as Username and registered number beneath the QR Code.

How to find your PhonePe QR Code

5. You will be able to see two options above image.

  1. Download: By clicking on this option, you can download the QR Code and save it to your gallery. And then, share it with people you want to.
  2. Share: By choosing this option you can share your PhonePe QR Code over social media apps with your friends.

That’s it. Your friends just need to scan this QR Code and make the payment. The money will then be transferred to the receiver’s bank account.

In the next section, we will show how to scan PhonePe QR Code...

How to scan PhonePe QR Code

By scanning the PhonePay QR Code of a user, you can transfer money or make payment to that user’s account. Here is how to scan the QR Code

1. Log in to your PhonePay account.

2. Once logged in, you will see a QR Code scan icon in the top right hand corner of the screen. Tap on this icon.

Receive and send money on PhonePe app

3. The scanner will launch. You now need to keep your smartphone camera close to PhonePe QR Code you want to be scanned.

4. Once the camera detects the QR Code, you will be prompted to specify the amount to be sent. Once done, click on proceed.

That simple. This way, you can scan and pay quickly without sharing your phone number.


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So, now you know how QR Codes have made it so easy to make payments. With apps such as PhonePe and Paytm, you can make transactions, which are quick, easy, and secure.

If you have any questions about QR code paymets, please ask me in comment section.

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