How to Get Jio Demo plan in 2021- Here's everything you need to know

Are you want to know about the Demo Plan of Reliance Jio, then This article is very helpful for you here we are going to give you complete information about this Reliance Jio Demo plan.


If you are a Jio retailer then you would know what is a demo plan, but many retailer still do not know what is a demo plan? So I will tell you in this post what is a demo plan and I also tell all details related to How to get Jio Demo Plan.

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Jio Demo plan

But before know how to get Jio Demo Plan we need to know what is a demo plan. So let's start...

What is Demo Plan?

If you using a normal SIM card of any network! then you have to recharge every month with Monthly Recharge plans. Such as Rs.199, 149 etc. But if you have Lapu (eTopUp) SIM Card then you do not need to recharge your Number, because the respective company Offers Demo plan in SIM card which is absolutely Free.

In Demo Plan Retailer can get unlimited calling, High speed 4G data and SMS sending benefits in daily basis. The demo plan valid for 28 days. We are happy to know that everything is available for free in the demo plan.

How to get Demo Plan?

Telecom operators are not able to deliver their services directly to the customer, for that company have to make Retailer and  Distributor, who can deliver services to Customers. Such as SIM Activation or selling Lapu Balance. For completing this work company provides a demo plan to retailer or distribution team. but even in these case all the distributor and retailer do not get the Demo plan benefits. But why?

We will know more further, so stay reading this post...

If you have Lapu SIM Card of Reliance Jio and you want to get Demo plan in your SIM card then what you need to do:

  • You must have Reliance Jio Lapu SIM card
  • Do minimum 5 New SIM Activation in a month,
  • Need  Selling minimum Rs. 10,000 in a Month


Reliance Jio Demo Plan

In Jio's demo plan, every elegible retailer will get unlimited calling benefits with 1GB Data daily. Also a Demo plan have the power sending of 100 Free SMS daily. the validity of a Demo plan 30 days. 

If you want to know elegiblity about Demo plan of other telecom companies please ask me in comment, I will write onther posts.

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