How to Get Free PhonePe QR code sticker for shop [step by step Guide]

Hello Friends, I hope You are already know about PhonePe. In this article I will explain How to Get free PhonePe QR code sticker for your shop. In this post I will be explaining the process of Creating the Phonepe Merchant account, Generating QR Code and order a physical QR Code.


If You are a shopkeeper and selling any kind of products and needs to accept payment from UPI Bassed apps, Then you can follow the guide I provide here & generate the Phonepe QR code and print it and paste it to your shop. Also you can order a physical PhonePe QR code for Free.

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How to Get PhonePe QR code sticker for shop

With exiting Phonepe offers, Your sales will be increased and you can be a part of Cashless India. The process is very simple You don’t need to Upload any Business documents.  No Pan card and Not any other details.

It is as simple as creating a New Phonepe Customer Account. You just have to signup

on Phonepe Business app and you will get your QR Code. You can Download Your QR Code & Print it. The Payment will be settled in your bank account instantly as your Customer pays you.

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What is PhonePe Merchant?

PhonePe Merchant Account enables you to accept Payment using Phonepe App from your customers. You can accept Payments from users fully cashless. Users will get Rewards from phonepe & Your amount will be directly settled to Your Bank Account.

Requirements to Open Phonepe Merchant Account and QR Code –

  1. Bank Account Linked with Your Mobile Number.
  2. Mobile Device [ Android or iOS]
  3. Minimum Rs.1 balance in Your mobile Number to Send SMS
  4. Pan Card
  5. Aadhar card

How to Signup For Phonepe Merchant Account

Friend's First of All, You need to download PhonePe Business App from {getButton} $text={Google Play Store} $icon={link} $color={#108}

Step 1. Now Install the App & Once the App is Start Open & Provide all the permissions.

Step 2. Now You will be asked to Signup. Just click on Signup Tab and Enter Your Full Name and mobile number

It's very important to enter only Registered mobile number with the Bank Account.{alertInfo}

Step 3. Verify your mobile number With a onetime password OTP and Click on proceed. 

Step 4. Now you will be asked to link your bank account & Device verification. You just have to follow instructions and done. Please Select Your correct Shop location so that customers can search nearby Phonepe locations.

Step 5. Once You link your bank account, your QR Code will be Generated & Phone pe Merchant account will be created in seconds.

How to Get PhonePe QR Code for your Shop

Once You are Completed Sign-up process, Next need to Logged in and follow the below mentioned guides to get a physical PhonePe QR Code in your address...

 STEP 1.  Now You can navigate to My Profile > Click on Manage QR Codes and Here you can see your All Available PhonePe QR Code 

How to Get PhonePe QR code sticker for shop [ step by step Guide ]

To See the QR Code Click on VIEW QR Where you can see QR Code with download option. If urgent you can download & print the QR Code and Paste it to Your Shop near cash counter.

 STEP 2.    Next, In bottom of your PhonePe app you can see Request More QR Codes button just tap on the button.

How to Get PhonePe QR code sticker for shop [ step by step Guide ]

A new screen will be open instantly with a form where ask your full postal address.

 STEP 3.  Now fill up the form with your full postal address where you want to delivery physical PhonePe QR Codes. 


Within a week you will receive the PhonePe QR code.

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How do I accept payment in QR Code?

1. Ask Your Customers to Pay on this QR Code.

2. When They make Payment. Payment will be automatically transferred to your bank account while PayTM takes 24 hours.

3. Customers will also get Rs.10 on Payment to QR Code(As per Current offer Phonepe Merchant offer)


Will Users Get Cashback on Paying to My Phonepe QR Code

Every user who pays to Your QR Code will get cashback subjected to the cashback offer availability, terms & Conditions of PhonePe

You can Enable Cashback for Your QR As Phonepe has one Special Offer Where Users Can Get a Flat or Discount on a Certain Amount of Payment. You Can Check The Banner For More info in Your Phonepe Merchant App.

If You are a Phonepe Customer then also you can create Your Merchant account. But never make Payment to your merchant account using your Phonepe customer account. Your account may get blocked.


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