How to Generate XML Sitemap for Blogger

Are you a blogger or recently Start Blogging? And looking for the Best XML Sitemap Generator Tool For Free, then keep read this article today.


Recently I Designed a Sitemap Generator tool, where you can Generate a XML Sitemap for your blogger Blog within minutes.

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XML Sitemap Generator tool

Our XML Sitemap Generator tool provide the ability to generate an alternative Sitemap for Blogger sites on subdomain or a custom domain using optimal for this type of file XML Sitemaps protocol, and send the file directly to Google Search Console.

The Blogger platform has grown in popularity among web publishers, Content Creators for its affordability and rich options for bloggers of all levels. However, from the point of view of search engine optimization, this platform has its drawbacks. One is that Blogger does not automatically generate a sitemap (unlike many other cloud-based site builders).

So let’s get complete information about this blogger XML sitemap generator tool without wasting any time. and how to use it. Get complete information about it.

As we all know Blogger does not provide a classic XML Sitemap, an alternative is to use a build-in Atom RSS feed as the Sitemap.

The following demonstrates how to look your XML sitemap URL:

yourblog – is your blog's url or domain. And if you replace 500 with another integer at the end of the URL string, you can adjust the number of web pages it displays.

XML sitemap generator tool

Paste the full URL of your Blogger (blogspot) blog including http://

How to Generate a free Blogger Sitemap?

Guys Below are some steps to use this tool. Which you follow carefully. And generate a successful sitemap for your blog and site.

1. Past Your Blog URL.

First of all, you have to copy and paste the complete link of the site created on in this tool given above.

2. Click on Generate button.

Now you have to generate a sitemap link for your site by clicking on the button named Generate Sitemap

3. Copy your sitemap link.

Now copy the sitemap link text generated by this tool.


So friends, I hope that now you have got the best Blogger Sitemap Generator tool. And if you still have any questions and suggestions related to this, then you can tell us in the comment box below. And thank you very much for using this tool.


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