Generate XML Sitemaps for Blogger

Paste the full URL of your Blogger (blogspot) blog including http://

What is the Blogger Sitemap tool?

The Blogger Sitemap tool will generate a complete XML sitemap of your Blogger blog with all your blog posts and not just the recently published blog posts.

What is the purpose of the Blogger XML Sitemap?

XML Sitemaps help search engines discover your blog posts and better index your blog. Sitemaps are supported by all major search engines including Google and Bing.

Redirection of a blogger

.com blogs are now automatically redirected to country-specific Blogspot domains, however for sitemap generation, you must input the address. hosted blogs can use the embed feature. blogspot custom domain blogs may also have XML sitemaps generated. A normal Blogger Sitemap has certain drawbacks, but they aren't major ones. Users of the site have no influence over the content of the feed, which is the primary concern. To pass the Sitemap in sections, you'll need to build several distinct URLs for huge sites. There are no links to any other pages on the site in a feed either, such as category sections. There is also the issue that the file is not a conventional XML Sitemap, but rather an Atom feed. This presents another problem. Others do not support the usage of an Atom feed as a Sitemap. Yandex, for example, would not accept such a file, and there is no way to entirely fix the problem.

How can I manually construct a Blogger Sitemap?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Blogger users do not have the ability to post XML files to their site, therefore you are unable to establish a link to submit the file to search engines using Blogger.